Our Services

In providing high quality domiciliary care services, Help in Hand Care strives to act as the bridge between disability/vulnerability and ability and living a fulfilling lifestyle. We ensure that the services provided will give individuals the best outcome possible to reflect their unique circumstances.

Help in Hand Care is dedicated, committed and specialises in working with individuals and their families who require care in their own homes. Help in Hand Care offer a tailor-made personalised care options ranging from check-in visits to full time live-in support. 


Help in Hand Care is committed to providing and delivery of consistent quality care at all times. 


Help in hand provide a range of services, which include the following:

Personal Care

Our caring team will help individuals with their personal hygiene- bathing, showering, oral hygience, cleaning nails and feet, toilet visits and other needs identified.

Administration of  Medication

Our team will support and help administer medication for any client who has medicine requirements.

Nutritional care

Our caring staff team will work with individuals and their families to plan meals, create shopping lists, purchase ingredients and cook delicious food at the client's home. We accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences and needs.

The services provided would include:

Medical and Health Care

Our team will support and assist you in getting to and from your medical appointments. We will assist you with ordering and collection of your prescriptions. Our caring team will administer medication if required.


Our team would be there to listen to you at all times. As a group we would offer you emotional and moral support to enable you live life to the full. 

Social Care

Our caring team will be assisting you with maintaining social contacts. We will assist you in making various appointments including attending clubs and other interests.

Domestic Care-General Housekeeping

Our caring staff would assist you to ensure that you live in a comfortable, pleasant and safe environment. We will support you in keeping your home clean and tidy. Staff would assist with laundry/ironing and shopping.